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Rob van der Putten (AKA R.J. van der Putten)
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 71 513 2983
Email: rob at sput dot nl

If you want to call me, make sure you have got a valid caller-id; I do not answer anonymous calls!
Switching caller-id on after it has been switched off, is different with each telephone provider.
See: Enabling caller ID delivery
Note: in the Netherlands it's *31#.

There is no point in calling me pretending to be from the Microsoft helpdesk. I don't use any Microsoft products at all!
And there is no point sending mail to other addresses then 'rob' either. Apart from the obvious stuff stuff like 'postmaster', no other addresses exist in the domain. So there is no 'info' or 'sales'.

Local timezone; Summer: UTC + 0200, Winter: UTC + 0100


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