Some notes on the contents of some of the header files

Edit these files to suit your needs.


These words aren't indexed.


Default word-list.


Characters which aren't considered alpha-numeric.

For as far as ASCII is concerned, the indexer considers anything but ASCII- alnum (0 to 9 and a to z), alnum.alnum, alnum:alnum, '::', alnum::, ::alnum and alnum::alnum a word delimiter.
With the '-u' option it has to make decisions about non-ASCII as well.

This header file is based on UnicodeData.txt.
All but the following is in this header file;

So all of the above are considered alpha-numeric and therefore not word delimiters.


ASCII equivalents for non-ASCII. Based on field 5 in UnicodeData.txt.
Added are;

Manually added are;


Numeric equivalents for non-ASCII.
Based on UnicodeData.txt.