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Rob's search thingy Indexer Options

Generate abstract file.
Enable debug.
-f List_Of_Files
List of files to be indexed.
Use compact words list file format.
This will also reduce the size of the word list in memory. It requires a bit more processing though.
Allow more then 64k words.
Use orthography / synonyms.
Index synonyms as if they where part of the text. This translates GB to US and US to GB spelling.
Only active with '-u'.
Re-use old wordlist.
Update this list to become the new wordlist.
Print word stats.
Warning: Long list!
Text output.
Can be used for debugging.
Index non-ASCII.
This assumes UTF-8.
Note: Without this option the indexer will treat all non-ASCII as word delimiters.
Print version and exit.
-w Wait_Time
Wait time between docs (ms).