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Standard ls colours

File types

ForegroundBackgroundFile type
Bright BlueDefaultDirectory
Bright CyanDefaultLink
DefaultDefaultRegular file or Multi hard link
Dark Yellow or BrownBlackFifo / Pipe
Bright MagentaDefaultSocket or Door
Bright YellowBlackBlock Device or Character Device
Bright RedBlackDangling link


WhiteRedSet user ID
BlackYellowSet group ID
BlackGreenSticky other Writable
WhiteGreenOther Writable
Bright GreenDefaultExecutable


Bright RedDefaultCompressed
Bright MagentaDefaultVideo

Black vs white background

LS COLORS on black background LS COLORS on white background

On a black background, blue tends to be too dark. Not just in ls-colors but in vi as well. On a white background green, cyan and yellow are way too bright.
I use xterm in boldColors mode with a black background and a grey foreground;

xterm -pc -bg black -fg grey90 -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-100-iso10646-1 -fs 12

This will set the default font to bitmap. With a Ctrl - right mouse click monospace TTF can be selected.
Bold is dispayed as high intensity.

A brighter shade of blue

I made a .Xresources file with a statement to make blue a bit brighter;

*VT100*color4:  rgb:00/44/ee

Run xrdb to enable the new colour;

~$ xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

Any new instance of xterm will now use a brighter shade of blue.
You can use a simular trick to change dark yellow into brown if you like.