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Installing a Lexmark MS610dn printer

The Lexmark MS610dn is a postscript duplex network 1200 DPI B&W laser printer. I bought a new one for € 100.-
The (CUPS) setup below works without systemd.


Lexmark MS610dn.



Open printing org

I got the driver from Open printing org: Lexmark MS610dn. . Both a DEB and a RPM are available.
The DEB is derived from a RPM by means of alien, so the dependencies are not known.


The Lexmark website (requires JavaScript) provides newer versions. These contain binaries called 'CommandFileFilterG2' and 'cupsversion' and a shell script called 'fax-pnh-filter'. CommandFileFilterG2 and fax-pnh-filter are used as filters in the 1.4 version of the PPDs. If you don't like closed source binaries, you might want to try the 1.2 version 'usr/local/Lexmark/ppd/Lexmark-AD6-PPD-Files/GlobalPPD_1.2/Lexmark_MS610_Series.ppd' (Gzipped version here).


IP Address

I set the IP address before installing the driver. Note that it takes quite some time for the printer to process config changes. Don't rush things. If you do changes won't 'stick'.
Once you set the IP address, you can further configure the printer using a web browser. The printer even supports NTP and Syslog. And CUPS automatically detects the printer


I did not install the Debian package. I just downloaded it and unpacked it with 'ar';

~$ ar x openprinting-ppds-postscript-lexmark_20160218-1lsb3.2_all.deb

This yields control.tar.gz and data.tar.gz. I then extracted data.tar.gz which produces a directory tree which contains gzipped PPD files. I copied 'opt/OpenPrinting-Lexmark/ppds/Lexmark/Lexmark-MS610_Series-Postscript-Lexmark.ppd.gz' to my home directory and then told CUPS to use this PPD file.