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More info on refused E-mail

To avoid being bombarded which junk E-mail, mail is refused on the following grounds:

  1. Your ISP's computer is trying to conceal its identity.
  2. You are sending mail with a non existing sender address.
  3. You are trying to send a file which is too large.
  4. Your ISP's computer has been blacklisted.
  5. You are using spam specific strings.
  6. Software bugs and configuration errors.



Internet computers have both a name and a number. If the name and number do not match or if the name cannot be established at all, a rogue site is assumed.
Make sure this also works with IPv6.


This could be a configuration error but usually means that someone is trying to conceal his / her identity.


To avoid `mail bombing' and reduce data costs, the size of incoming E-mails is limited to 1 MB.


Spam friendly ISP's are blacklisted. If your mail is refused as a result of blacklisting, your mail + a reference to the blacklist is sent back to you. In this case you should send an E-mail to postmaster@Your_Isp.
If this problem persists, the best thing to do is to change provider.


These include bold statements about economic activities and the extensive use of capitals.


Most common mistakes and bugs;