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My air conditioner

A couple of decades ago, the idea of owning an air conditioner (Dutch: airco) seemed completely ridiculous. Now, due to climate change, you really need one!
My air conditioner is a mini split system. The indoor unit is a Carrier 42QHC009D8S-1. The outdoor unit a Carrier 38QHC009D8S. They where installed by a local company.

Image of air conditioner indoor unit Image of air conditioner outdoor unit 1 Image of air conditioner outdoor unit 2 Image of air conditioner outdoor unit 3 Image of balcony

Pictures taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830.

The indoor unit is installed in the living room. The outdoor unit on the balcony (I live above a gate).
The wall socket, which is a waterproof grounded Schuko, is connected to the same circuit as the living room. All circuits are on a RCD, which didn't cause any problems so far.
My AC can also be used as a heat pump (AKA reverse cycle air conditioner), heating my living room instead of cooling it. AFAIK most modern air conditioners have this capability.

More about the satellite dish here.