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The origin of Superput

I used to be a Novell system administrator until we switched to Linux. A Novell sysadmin is usually called 'supervisor'. When combined with my last name, 'Van der Putten' (IPA:vɑn dɛr pəttən), you get 'Superput' (IPA:sypərpət). This nickname is usually abbreviated to 'Suup' (IPA:syp) or 'Sput' (IPA:spət). Hence the '' domainname.
Superput also refers to Superman, in a Monty Python's Bicycle repairman sort of way (solving technical problems); It's all in a day's work for Superput.
Sput is also an acronym: Synthetic Person Used for Troubleshooting.

Domains used earlier where, and Some old documents may still refer to these subdomains, even though they no longer exist.
'' is now owned by someone who has no affiliation with the original '' freenet.
I have been using the '' domain since July 2000.

The icon (favicon.ico), an indigo - violet sputnik on a white background, was designed by President Tune.
There is also a SVG version;
Sput SVG