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This site is mostly about (open source) hard- and and software.
This site works without JavaSript or cookies. In fact, it looks rather nineties. This is deliberate. I like it that way; I absolutely loathe websites that look like advertising brochures! Websites should be like books or libraries!
This site works with most browsers. Even very old ones.
This site is not optimised for mobile devices though. A lot of information on this website is about installing and configuring software (on servers), so optimising it for mobile devices doesn't make much sense; There are a lot of (quotes from) configuration files, shell scripts and software sources which are often wider than a mobile device can properly display. You probably shouldn't visit this site using a device not capable of displaying at least 80 characters per line! Some bits are even wider than that, so it's probably best to switch on your scroll bar.
If you think the font is to small, just set a larger (minimum) font size in your browser. I'm not telling you which font to use. I leave that up to you.



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