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Spam policy

There is only one account on this system: Mine. And I hate spam! Furthermore, the mail daemon on this system does not allow relaying, so it is virtually impossible to receive junk mail from this system.

Junk mail sent to this system will always be met with a formal complaint, often resulting in termination of the offending account.
Besides that, spam is forwarded to SpamCop and Pyzor.
In case of mass mailings from or on behalf of a company registered in the Netherlands, a complaint is filed with the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). The ACM can impose fines up to € 450,000.-.

Mass mailings which are the result of notoriously vulnerable email clients or - servers being infected by a worm are considered to be UBE. The same applies to so called 'email virus warnings' (which are in effect anti virus software spam) and fake (joe job) bounces.
Spam complaints which do not contain the complete original offending message INCLUDING ALL HEADERS will also be treated as spam!
DSN's ('MAIL FROM: <>') should always contain the full headers of the original message. Bounce messages which do not contain all header lines or bounces of messages which did not originate from this system (joe job) are rejected by this system.
Error messages which are not from '<>' are also considered spam and will also be added to the spam hall of shame. The same applies to confirmations of mails (EG list subscriptions) which are the result of joe jobs (lack of SPF filtering).
Receiving spam from hosts in the same domain several times, will lead to blacklisting of this domain.

Headers of all spam sent to this system will be added to the spam hall of shame. The complete spam archive is available to legitimate spam investigators.
Furthermore, I reserve the right to publish any communication between spammers and me in whole or in part.

Mail from hosts of which the reverse lookup doesn't succeed or match, mail from hosts which are in a domain without a MX and mail of which the sender or recipient can not be verified, are rejected by this system. The same applies to email without a HELO / EHLO that matches the IP nr or an IP nr that matches the HELO / EHLO, sensible subject or RFC compliant Message-Id.
Mail from hosts blacklisted by the organisations mentioned above is also rejected. These blacklists include persistent spammers, domains without a valid abuse or postmaster account and domains with a broken whois registration.
Mail from hosts which accept mail for non existing users only to send a bounce message later is also rejected by this system.
Mail using a character set other then US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15 or UTF-8, or mail in languages other then Dutch or English. is rejected. Non-ASCII in headers is allowed, provided it's UTF-8. All other non-ASCII in headers is rejected.
Mail with attachments using proprietary file formats (such as MS Word; use ODF instead) and attachments without a filename are rejected.
Mail which contains spam-specific strings is also rejected by this system.

Mail from, (Google),, and is only accepted from hosts in the same domain.

Mail from fundamentally broken mailinglists is also blocked. These include and
All mail from mailinglists which I did not subscribe to is blocked.
Hosts and domains sending sending those mails are blacklisted.

My blacklist lists domains which sent meaningless error messages, are persistent spammers, perfectly tasteless or which don't accept any mail.

Information on fighting junk mail and spam

If my spam policy prohibits you from sending me email, see Contact info instead.

More background information about my spam policy is available in Dutch and English.

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