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Life is a permanent culture shock.



My Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is INTJ

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IPv6 Certification Badge for sput

The origin of 'Superput' and the '' domainname.
Weird stuff from my Fidonet days (Dutch).

A cartoon by President Tune;

Sput cartoon © Theun Kohlbeck

A photo by Latie;

Sput at LVP © Michel van Latesteijn

As you can see I'm either psychotic with stress or dreaming.
The pictures below, by Frenzy, might give you some idea you what I tend to dream about, and what I actually do (I don't drive them. I only know what makes them tick);

Sput at meneer Jansen © Frans van der Bijl Sput fixing a synth © Frans van der Bijl

A painting he made for my birthday;

Painting © Frans van der Bijl

Pictures of my younger brother Hans and me;

Hans and Rob in their teens © Michael van der Putten,
 A.M.M. van der Putten - van Zoelen, Fam. van der Putten

In the 70's.

Hans and Rob 2014 © Bertus Kelderman

At my mum's 93rd birthday party.

A song (3244 kB; (dutch) about me by Repperdepep (dutch)
An old interview; Beursgang World Online (Dutch)
My father's kite

A bit of history

Some of the stuff I did and really enjoyed:

Stuff I like

To me, all science and technology is in fact art.


I also like Surrealism.


Lifestyle is when your life has become a logo.


My favourite sculptures are bridges;


Cats are my favourite animals.

vigilante cat

I absolutely loathe dogs.


Somewhere in the blue - violet range. Colour definitions vary a lot, so it's hard to tell (cobalt blue glass, for instance, has a shade of blue which is much deeper then what usually is referred to as cobalt blue).
Web safe colour 60F and Electric Indigo (6F00FF) are pretty close.


Philémon by Fred Othon Artistidès.


I have been running (Debian) Linux since the mid 1990's. My current GUI desktop box has a Q6600 quad core. It runs XFCE, no systemd, bare ALSA (no sound daemon).

my desktop

I do a bit of C programming. Some stuff here.


I'm definitely continental European and I have a dislike of most (not all!) things Anglo-Saxon. I consider Main-stream Anglo-Saxon culture to be intrinsically predatory and, in a symbolic way, cannibalistic.


Whisky and Gin and tonic
BTW, does anyone know where I can get tins of Twinings Lapsang Souchong loose tea? After five years of searching I did manage to get plastic bags in carton boxes. But still no tins.
Recently they replaced boxes with paper bags.
I also like Indonesian drinks, which in NL are referred to as ijs tjampoer and tjendol.


I also like some scifi and film noir. Esp scifi noir and Nordic noir.


Indonesian and Italian



Moral framework

Enlightenment values.


Besides 1970's Berlin School (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream) and 70's prog (Brand X, Bill Bruford, Camel, Genesis, Gong, Pink Floyd, UK, Yes, Frank Zappa), I like;

I'm completely fanatic about analogue modular synthesizers
Contemporary bands who play Berlin School are ARC and Redshift;

DIY Berlin-school;

Animals that sound like synthesizers;

Other synth like sounds;

If you know any others, let me know.

I also like a bit of minimal, Satie and Debussy.
In particular Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians (Youtube).


I consider homo sapiens to be more then one species.


Renaissance men, lateral thinkers, out of the box thinkers, creatives.


Anglo-Saxon style managers, ESFJ Myers-Briggs personality type, pigeon-hole thinkers.
These managers are like Soviet apparatchiks. So in a way communism won after all.



Some vehicles are nice to;


Wikipedia is my favourite website.
I absolutely loathe websites that look like advertising. Their pointless drivel airbrushed way beyond a polished turd.
Wikipedia is what the web was invented for. It is in fact, what the internet was invented for.




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