This server

Written in vi editor


See: The origin of Superput


Processor: 4 x AMD Athlon™ II X4 610e 2.40GHz
Memory: 16 GB
Harddisk: 2 x 2 TB SATA Raid1


Me (NOT XS4ALL as some sites claim).

IP Addresses

IPv6: 2001:985:aa44:1::/120 (See: Link Setup)

IPv6 status

Mail-, name-, sip-, web-proxy- and webserver are IPv6 enabled. So is the secondary DNS.


Debian GNU Linux ® (without systemd).
Apache 2.x httpd.
This site is also available using HTTPS (self signed cert).
Asterisk 13.x SIP and RTP proxy (not behind NAT).
Bind 9.x named.
Exim 4.x MTA.
SpamAssassin 3.x mail filter.
Squid 3.x proxy server.
Vi 'CMS'.


My email blacklist.
My email temporary blacklist.
Firewall excerpts.


Fiber-optic link (FttH) to XS4ALL.
I use my server as router;

                        ┌─────┐           eth1 │ Linux  │ eth0
  FttH >────────────────┤ NTU ├────────────────┤ Server ├──────────────────> LAN
         Gbit           └─────┘ Gbit           │        │ Gbit               Other computers
         Fiber Optic            Ethernet       └────────┘ Ethernet           and printer

Time source

GPS and DCF77


The IPv6 and NTP stats are made with RRDtool.
For the other stats the logfiles are converted to fake http logs and then fed to Analog. The fake logs are preprocessed to deal with Analog's IPv6 incompatibility. Unresolved IPv6 addresses show up as a fake '.ipvsix' TLD in the pie charts. In lists they are grouped by /32 and /48.


Leiden (NOT Amsterdam, Den Haag, Hilversum, Leiderdorp, Roelofarendsveen or Zoetermeer, as some sites claim), The Netherlands. I live near central station, Morspoort and Morssingel (Dutch).

Local timezone

Summer: UTC + 0200
Winter: UTC + 0100

Summer time / DST runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. Change takes place at 01:00 UTC.

Slave DNS-es



Linux ®     Debian     Asterisk     Exim     SpamAssassin